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Born in Houston but made it to Dallas as soon as I could and plan on staying for the long haul. It is a great city and Lake Highlands is my specific neighborhood of choice.

I started my working days in retail at the early age of 15 which was a great test of my ability to work with every personality type known to man. Decided to transition out of retail management with a hilarious stint at waiting tables. Found my servant's heart as a social worker but was quickly recruited into marketing for a private home health care provider. I loved working with our referral sources and connecting with our clients so up the ladder I went. Serving as Director I supervised 65 nurses, 1200 attendants, and 30 office staff all taking care of home bound clients. My love for architecture, design and serving people allowed me to find my true calling in real estate where I will remain forever.

I adore my kids! They were adopted at birth and are only two months apart in age. Jackson was born in the Dallas area and Camilla is from Guatemala. They keep me on my toes with him being a mini version of me and luckily she is always our voice of reason. My goal everyday is to be a great example to them.

My favorite vacation spot would be a good beach to spend down time with family and friends. Margaritas & queso are a must.

Served in many industry roles through the years but currently on the TAR Board of Directors and a TREPAC Trustee. I am super excited to use my nearly 20 years experience in the role of Executive Vice President at Halo Group Realty.

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